Training Halls: The centre has three fully equipped training Halls with capacity varying from 30 to 60 seats along with three syndicate rooms .

Computer lab: The centre has computer Lab, with thirty-six work stations.

Auditorium/Conference Hall: The centre organizes conference in auditorium/conference hall. The hall has a capacity of hundred and thirty persons. NCRD also rendered the services of Auditorium, Training halls and hostel to other organizations.

Library: To support NCRD training and research activities, the Centre has a growing library containing about 25,000 books, Pedicles and journals in the shape of hard, while around 50,000 books in soft copie in order to maintain E-Library in NCRD. A separate section contains CIRDAP, AARDO, LOGOTRI and other international publications. An E-Library is also being set up.

Hostel Accommodation: The centre has a furnished ( along with air-conditioned, LCD TV and Refrigerator) hostel to accommodate fifty (50) participants on double occupancy basis.

Staff Colony: The centre provides residential facilities to its Officers and staff at the campus. There are thirty-five residential units including six houses for officers .

Environment: NCRD has open spaces, orchards, lawns and flower beds that add to the healthy environment and beauty of the surroundings.